Florence Oak

Material Prefinished Oak Veneer
Raised Moulding None
Glazing N/A
Size Code 30 Min F/C Thickness
78″ x 27″ PFINTOFLO27 35mm
78″ x 27″ PFINTOFLO27-FD Firecheck 44mm
78″ x 30″ PFINTOFLO30 35mm
78″ x 30″ PFINTOFLO30-FD Firecheck 44mm
78″ x 33″ PFINTOFLO33 35mm
78″ x 33″ PFINTOFLO33-FD Firecheck 44mm


The detailed grooves mixed with an attractive curved design make this door the choice for the more discerning homeowner. Supplied in prefinished oak veneer. We can also supply matching glazed and fire doors which allow for a harmonious look to be create within a home.

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