Fire-check (FD30) doors are 44mm thick and are built to withstand flames longer than standard 35mm thick internal doors.

Properly fitted, with the correct door furniture and intumescents, they are designed to prevent flames from spreading for a minimum of 30 minutes, allowing time for escape. By helping to contain the fire, this also means the fire brigade may be able to attend before the fire spreads further, reducing fire damage in the property to a minimum.

FD30 doors are a legal requirement for many businesses, commercial premises and investment properties.

For private residences, in some circumstances, FD30 doors are a requirement, and of course you may choose to have FD30 doors installed for peace of mind, even if FD30 is not specified.

The door is only one part of the FD30 story. For your convenience, we also supply frames/linings, intumescents and door furniture suitable for FD30 installations.

If you have a special requirement, such as an unusual size door, or if you can’t find a FD30 door to match your existing doors, why not talk to us about crafting a bespoke fire-check door?

We would be happy to discuss all your FD30 door requirements.

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