High Security External Door-Sets

Next Door regularly supplies bespoke high security doors to customers in London and further afield also.

More and more home owners are choosing to have a high security door fitted, to protect their family, property and personal belongings. The strength, security and peace of mind that these doors offer make them an increasingly preferred option.  As a bonus, the kerb appeal of the property is firmly boosted.

High security doors are supplied as integrated door-sets, with a steel core door, a steel frame and a super secure integrated locking system, with bolts that go left, right, up and down, holding the door completely secure when closed.

Combining security with aesthetics, the appearance of the door is designed to suit your individual taste. The face of the door is a panel that is securely affixed to the steel core. You can choose the design you want for the panel: traditional or modern, understated or big statement – you decide.  You can also choose to have different designs and/or colours for the inside and outside panels if you wish. The frame can also be a different colour to the door.

Don’t worry about the weight of the door – as the door-set comes with super strong hinges, the door seems to glide as it is opened and closed.

We have a high security door-set on display in our showroom and you are welcome to visit for a viewing, and some in situ pictures of high security door-sets we have fitted are shown below.

Why not get in touch with us to learn more about our high security doors? We are sure you will be impressed.