Sliding Internal Doors

Sliding doors are an alternative to hinged doors.

A door fitted with hinges requires free space in which to swing when it is being opened or closed.

A sliding door does not require the same reserved space – making this space available for you to use.

There are options for different kinds of sliding doors.

The door could be hung from a sliding track that is fixed to the wall above the opening. When the door is opened, it slides across the face of the wall.

You may wish to make a feature of an exposed sliding track. It can be sleek and modern looking, or perhaps you might prefer a rustic barn style track. If you don’t want the sliding mechanism to be exposed, the track can be covered by a pelmet.

A popular alternative to wall mounted sliding tracks is the pocket door system.

Pocket doors appear to slide into the wall. In fact, the door slides into a special cavity that is covered over and decorated to look like the wall. Pocket door systems are a neat and inventive option.

If the opening is too wide for a single door, wall mounted sliding tracks and pocket door systems can be supplied for pairs of doors.

Many of the internal doors you see on our website can be fitted as sliding doors, but if you can’t find the door you want, we can quote for bespoke.

Ask us about sliding doors. We’re sure we can help you find the right solution for your home.