Your home is your castle, and as such you need a beautifully crafted front entrance.

At Next Door we supply a wide range of high quality timber external front doors – and also doors for the side or rear of the property.

Click on the image of the door design that you like for more details.  Where a door is supplied unfinished, or primed only, we can quote for finishing.  If a door is supplied unglazed, we can quote for glazing.

If you can’t find the perfect door for your home, why not talk to us about creating a custom door?

We also supply frames and high quality door furniture, such as locks, handles, letter plates etc, with which to complete your new addition.

Please note – all timber external doors require regular maintenance to protect the timber and prolong the life of the door.  A canopy over the door is highly recommended to help shield the door from the elements.  With proper care, you should get many years of life from a timber external door.

As an alternative to timber, have you considered a composite door, or a high security metal door?  We would be happy to discuss options with you.