Since their launch a few years ago, these industrial style doors have been a big hit with the public.

Designed to emulate the appearance of iron industrial doors, they are made with timber and are considerably less expensive than the equivalent metal doors.  So you can achieve the urban chic look at a fraction of the cost!

Black is the classic colour for these doors, but some doors are also available in white for an ultra cool variation on the theme. And now, the newly launched blonde oak finish offers a modern neutral colour palette.

Imagine how this style of door would enhance your home.

There is no rule to say all your doors must be in the same style.  Many people choose to have, for example, one statement door, or pair of doors, in the industrial style. They can make a great talking point!

Available in a range of standard sizes and designs, Next Door can also quote for bespoke industrial style doors if you require something unusual.